Major Upcoming Event

Lacresha Hayes celebrates her 33rd birthday on Friday, November 14. We're planning a huge gala and have already confirmed her attendance. This birthday event will be held in Dallas, Texas. The exact location will be given to registered attendants.

It will be a two-hour event with a four star meal and a live chatfest with Lacresha. We will give you time to present gifts and have photos taken with her. Door prizes will be given and we'll have tons of fun. Registration required!

Date: Friday, November 14
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Dallas, Texas
Registration Fee: $150.00
Limited Seating Available

For more information, please contact Vicky Warren,

Welcome to the Fan Club

It behooved me to start this fan club. After reading all the interviews and the books, I knew I needed to get involved somehow. The woman is great and her message is absolutely imperative for this age.
I can't take total credit for this endeavor. I had a lot of help. I worked with several other authors and friends to get this up and going. Thanks to Erica Newton, Deborah Todd, Grace Andrews, Kimberly Jamison, Tamara Madison and Lacresha's husband, Lensey Hayes.

Stick around and learn more about the woman and her mission in life. Learn how you can get involved with preventing sexual assault and child abuse. We'll post various information here to assist you in making your voice heard alongside thousands more with petitions and letters. We'll also have all sorts of giveaways and special events. We hope to see you at some of them!