Benefits of Membership

Members of LHFC will have many opportunities throughout the year, including:
* Free seminars on sexual assault, depression and abandonment issues
* Opportunity to received autographed copies of future books
* Opportunities to review future publications pre-release
* Public recognition in our newsletter
* Regular opportunities to speak with the author herself
* Opportunity to effect change on our current legislature for sexual assault and child abuse

This club is much more than a fanclub. We are a group of people who are ready to unite to save children and women all over the world, starting right here in the United States!

Join this Fanclub

For more information, or to join us in celebrating a woman who stands head and shoulders above many, please contact us and we'll add your name to this list. This is a free club. It has been organized to bring recognition to Lacresha Hayes and her work as a voice for victims of sexual assault. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently looking for three organizers who will help us approach major television and radio producers to give flight to these wonderful books and platform to these necessary messages she has been teaching. For more information about becoming a producer, please contact Christine Taylor at

Current Members

Tamara Madison
Erica Newton,
Deborah Todd,
Kimberly Jamison,
Lensey Hayes,
Grace Andrews
Lacy Andrews
Pam Henderson
Vicky Warren,
Joyce Anthony,
Christine Taylor
Terry Kennedy
Billie Williams,
Jessica Davis
V.K. Sansone
James Edwards
Lily Wright
Cassie Lowry
Valerie Williams
Victoria Williams
Felicia Gordon
Ami Mims
Tim Jacobs
Richard Owens
Brianna Young
Nicole Westbrook
Angela Williams
Marlena Ricks
Paul Nichols